Climate Endangered…American Avocet…Recurvirostra Americana

The American Avocet once again are gathering all along the Cameron Coast!

Around lake shores and tidal flats, especially in the wide-open spaces of the west, flocks of elegant American Avocet wade in the shallows. They often feed while leaning forward, with the tips of their bills in the water and slightly open, filtering tiny food items from just below the surface. Sometimes a flock will feed this way in unison, walking forward, swinging their heads rhythmically from side to side.

Forages in a variety of ways. Often sweeps head from side to side, with upturned tip of bill barely submerged in shallow water, finding food by touch. Also finds food visually, picking items from surface of water or mud, or plunging head into water; sometimes snatches flying insects as they pass.

Typically nests in loose colonies, sometimes mixed with Black-necked Stilts. If predators approach a colony on foot, several adults may perform a distraction display nearby, running about in a crouch with both wings spread. If eggs or young are directly threatened, adult avocets may fly straight at an intruder, calling loudly. Nest site is on bare open ground, not far from water. Nest (built by both sexes) may be a simple scrape in soil, or scrape lined with pebbles and other debris, or a mound built up to more than a foot tall.

  • All Seasons – Common
  • All Seasons – Uncommon
  • Breeding – Common
  • Breeding – Uncommon
  • Winter – Common
  • Winter – Uncommon
  • Migration – Common
  • Migration – Uncommon
  • Photographs by Jeff
  • Info from National Audubon Society
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    Great article you seem to capture the essence of nature at its best!

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