The Peace River Wildlife Center is a member of the Florida Wildlife Rehabilitation Association (FWRA), the National
Wildlife Rehabilitation Association (NWRA), and the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC). We are licensed and overseen and permitted by the US FWS, USDA, and FL FWC.


Our 9 Years With The Peace River Wildlife Center In Punta Gorda Florida 1990 – 1999

“Tucked neatly into the mangroves overlooking Charlotte Harbor at Ponce de Leon Park, the Peace River Wildlife Center (PRWC) is a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation facility.”



Bob Cat photos in Dr.Jerry Lee Gingerich Paper back on Florida’s Fabulous Mammals. Jerry was was the Founder of The Peace River Wildlife Center

Started in 1978, PRWC is dedicated to the rescue, care, protection and preservation of native wildlife. Originally confined to the lanai of one of its founders, the Center quickly gained credibility and a new location as citizens learned of its successes in wildlife rehabilitation.


Since its beginnings the wildlife center has treated over sixty thousand birds and small mammals, offering a high-level of skilled care by trained and permitted wildlife rehabilitation specialists with years of experience in treating native fauna disease and trauma.


Opossum_0003 Opossum_0002 Muscovy Duck Knight hawk Gopher Tortoise


Cheryl with American Bald Eagle

Chimney Swifts Checking in Patient Checking in Patient_0002 Checking in Patient_0001 Captive born Brown Pelican_0003

Black Indigo Barred Owl_0003

Bobcat Feeding

Barn Owl Bald Eagle Aligator Sir Winston peace,river,wildlife,center

Opossum Opossum_0001 Eagle release_0001 Checking in Patient Captive born Brown Pelican_0002 Barn Owl



Located in the central and charming Ocala, Florida, Silver Springs State Park has been a natural landmark since the 1870s. As Florida’s first tourist attraction and one of the largest artesian springs in the world, the park quickly became renowned for the Glass Bottom Boat tours: guided boat rides where guests could travel around the spring on a vessel with a clear bottom in order to view life underwater. Today, visitors still enjoy the Glass Bottom Boat tours on top of the same crystal springs that have been inviting admirers for decades and sustaining a wealth of aquatic life.

Silver Springs is often called the gateway to the Ocala National Forest, the second largest, most southern National Forest east of the Mississippi. The springs feeds into the Silver River, a 4.5 mile stream that flows east from the springs to the Ocklawaha river.

Designated as a National Natural Landmark in 1971, Silver Springs State Park and the surrounding areas offer a wealth of cultural and historical significance. Dating back to the 1500s, indian settlers resided around Silver Springs, a tangible reminder of their presence, a dugout canoe, can be seen resting on the bed of the Silver River. Years later, Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto moved to the area, his visit is thought to be the first European to experience the park.

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Wing Damage